Tenants Info

Moving to the NIH area. When using samslist, know that we do know the area landlords who post with us. We do get new landlords posting often and we get to know them too. You do not need to register to view listings.

https://www.nih.gov National Institutes of Health

A legitimate landlord will never ask for cash upfront through email. If for whatever reason if this is asked of you, please contact us right way at 202-370-6249. What is normal is paying by Check or Cashiers check.

Not everyone can meet in person, but landlords are available by phone or many by skype video. Please do feel free to call us about a landlord or if having a hard time reaching one.

We know the landlords who post with us so if you have questions before you send money with your application ( if the case )…always feel free to call samslist : 202-370-6249. If we cannot ever talk to a new landlord posting their listing(s), they are taken off our listings site and IP banned.

Most landlords using samslist have been listing with us for many years and some are new to us…and in some cases they have been renting out to Federal and Military employees for decades.

WRMC – Bethesda, MD

Many more Area Federal Agencies use Samslist and even the White House now and again. Please call us or email if you have rental listing questions. Samslist (202) 370-6249

Thank you. (202) 370-6249