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Advertising your business or services with Samslist NIH Area Rentals

Samslist gets a lot of really good and meaningful traffic. While our core rental listings serves inbound medical and military employees, executives and even patients, we know that marketing with samslist is very effective.

Here is a real example of our start to the 2019 rental year.

MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsRental Views
Jan 20193,6817,32338,580
Feb 20193,0305,05029,484
Mar 20193,9476,82045,582
Apr 20192,9344,921<-(as of 4-21)32,580

Samslist traffic has early to move people searching for their next rental or even Home purchase as well as having furniture needs, or where to shot and have a meal out. Many come to visit the area before moving as well.

As Samslist is the most popular and highly local core rental website and services, it would be a wise choice to advertise your business with Samslist. We are busy year around with 8 years of online successes.

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