About Samslist.US

Samslist is in its 8th year of working with both landlords and inbound federal employees, contractors and military personal connecting the two for great housing and reliable good people.

As well, if you want to register an agency to have its own listings portal, we can add you as well. example: USPS locations or Agency, Pentagon etc.

We began this journey with a call from the NIH in early 2012 to replace the old fax your listing… into a way late online posting presence. We took something that was getting about 15 listings a month to postings on average of 85 listings and well over 100 monthly listings during summer going into the fall.

We bring the best landlords and best tenants together. We are extremely grateful and very unique.

Our 2019 season is one where it has been difficult to keep a higher number of available area rentals because the rentals get taken so fast.

As we make progress by releasing our new platform, we are making the expansion better for all who post as well as are looking to rent.

If you are ready to join in with a great community of landlords, give us a call, and let’s get your rental(s) listed. 202-370-6249